How To Use A Pressure Cooker - Pressure Cooking Instructions

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Photos: How To Use A Pressure Cooker - Pressure Cooking Instructions

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If you have ever planned to test your skills or to simply switch up your taste buds with some complex, high-level recipes, then you would know the frustration of finding an interesting recipe only to find out later that it requires too high skill level or demand that you use appliances or tools that your kitchen doesn’t have.

Since our job more or less revolves around the kitchen space, all of us had also been there with you and felt the frustration.

But you really don’t have to bite your tongue and move on. In fact, we found that a good portion of more complicated recipes can be simply solved by having a good pressure cooker at hand.

A pressure cooker can prepare a variety of different dishes just by changing up its pressure and temperature settings. This makes it an extremely versatile kitchen tool. Such is the cooker’s versatility is that it is capable of juggling the jobs of seven to eight kitchen appliances at once (yogurt maker, fryer, slow cooker, food sterilizer, etc.)

The biggest advantage of having a pressure cooker in your kitchen is its ability to cook food quickly while saving a whole lot of energy at the same time. The high pressure environment inside of the pressure cooker allows the temperature to exceed boiling points, quickening cooking time. Since your cooking time is reduced, you are effectively using less energy. This is one of the biggest reasons why the EPA has recommended that you cook with a pressure cooker whenever possible to reduce energy use.

Foods coming out of a pressure cooker are also more nutritious and tastier than foods cooked using traditional means. The combination of high pressure and beyond boiling points temperature gives the ingredients the ability to retain its natural flavors. Meanwhile, because pressure cooking doesn’t use a lot of water, the vitamins and minerals are not washed away, as well.

But we know that a lot of people? especially older ones who still remember the less popular days of pressure cooking? still have reservations about pressure cookers. In the past, because pressure cookers tend to have a lot of quality problems due to unreliable manufacturing and faulty designs, pressure cookers are quite volatile and have resulted in injuries before.

Don’t worry about that in this day and age, though, modern pressure cookers are very safe and are also easy to use. With the hope of popularising this super useful machine, we have written an entire guide on how to use a pressure cooker and how to be safe while operating it. In the guide, we also dug deep into the different types of pressure cookers as well as the numerous modes and settings. Additionally, we also prepared a few recipes for you to test your skills and newly acquired knowledge.

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