Enjoy the Photozou anywhere radio waves or on the go travel destination, the mobile phone can reach. And viewing up, photo comments can be made at the Photozou mobile. Please use all means. Let Mochiaruko on mobile Photozou!

How to access the mobile Photozou

Enter a URL in the mobile phone, please visit or by sending to the mobile address.

#If you have set the domain specified reception, please to be able to receive the mail from "".


Please visit by reading a corresponding terminal the QR code on the right side.

What you can do with Photozou mobile

Let me show everyone by up-from Photozou mobile, the photos taken with mobile phone!

Because there is a simple login function, access from mobile easy! You can check immediately when anxious.

PC Similarly, I can view and "pick-up photo" and "Photo Index" from any mobile phone.

Thank you or comment on your friends' photos, I had praised their photos also, of course from your mobile!