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The game allows your daughter or son to imagine, explore, represent different situations and thus know and discover their abilities, expressing emotions and showing their way of seeing the world.?Free and natural play allows you to experiment and thus learning is generated!

The benefits that play has on the development of your daughter or son are innumerable!

By rolling from one side to another on the ground, crawling, climbing a ladder, climbing a tree or jumping like a frog, the girl or boy is getting to know and exploring the infinite alternatives that their body has, and the way it responds in certain situations.?It is precisely this simple action that allows you to trust yourself and your possibilities.

Play is a natural impulse of the human being to pleasantly explore what is around them,?nobody teaches a girl or boy to play, since they know how to do it from birth!?As they grow older, what changes is the type of game and activities that are most enjoyable or attractive to them.?For them to play, we just need to provide them with a safe and appropriate space to make the game an essential part of their daily activity.

Television and electronic devices limit play and movement, so:

? At 4 years of age, the girl or boy should not watch more than 90 minutes of TV a day.

? Avoid devices such as television, cell phones, tablets or computers, at least an hour before going to bed.

? Eating while watching screens will make you more likely to consume food without realizing it and to talk less with your daughter or son.?Avoid eating in front of the screen

As children grow older they show the enjoyment of playing.?Around the age of 4 his games evolve towards interaction with others.?The imitation of everyday actions is a way of elaborating thinking, it?is important that boys and girls have the opportunity to do many different things and not pigeonhole them “in boy's games” and “girl's games”!

Men have to learn to take care of others, they have the right to cry and express their emotions.?Girls, meanwhile, need to learn to use their bodies, feel strong and capable of taking care of themselves.

Imitation games appear strongly between the ages of 4 and 6, where girls and boys play people who are significant to them, they also imitate a doctor, a teacher and a salesperson, among others, and need to interact with others to do so and playing the various roles, which is great fun for them.

If you look closely you will see that your daughter or son's desire to play appears more strongly when they are surrounded by people who love them, and in a place where they feel protected.?As we feel calm and safe, we dare to explore!?Therefore:

? Encourage and praise your daughter or son.

? Don't make fun of their fears and worries.

? Give him a chance to be independent and make some decisions.

? Try not to impose your rules on the game.

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