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Birthday 6/17
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I have been looking forward to today. It is my birthday and I have high hopes. Dan has been up to something and today I should find out what. Greeted by a cooked breakfast and a card. Dan says I will hopefully get the present later. I am supposedly on a day off but Dan has asked me to handle one appointment this afternoon. I am an estate agent and will go to see a gay couple who want to put their flat up for sale. Smiling to myself as I potter through the morning. Dan is far too obvious. An appointment on my birthday I wonder what he has planned, daydreaming I comb my hair in the mirror and I am ready for the day. I ring the doorbell and it's trill is promptly answered by a young black man who invites me in. Introducing himself as Ray and his partner as Pete as we exchange firm handshakes. OMG! Nervous but excited I inhale their perfection as I exhale my desire. I continue with the business awaiting for them to make a pass at me attracted by their physiques wondering about their endowment. Barely able to concentrate I stumble through the appointment losing my thread as they offer to show me the bedroom. By the end of the appointment I rush out the door shamed faced knowing they must have thought I was a simpleton. Too embarrassed to complain when I arrived home knowing it must be one of Dan's jokes . I decide I will get my revenge later. I don't know how but I will think of something. As I sit waiting for dinner, he hands me a package "this came today" he explains handing me a large but light box. I rip off the paper and inside is a box of 6 silk ties. Each tie plain but a different colour. Not sure what to make of the present, I put it to one side. Perhaps noticing my disappointment and trying to make it up to me Dan runs me a bath. I lay there relaxing in the bubbles my stress dissolving in the bath. I am ready for a quiet evening. Dan comes to the bathroom towelling me dry then taking me in his arms, he kisses me passionately and excitedly. Seeing the glint in his eye I know he is upto something. He has the box of ties and he wraps the one first around my head tying it to blindfold me. Naked apart from the blindfold my spirits and my cock start to rise as they consider the possibilities. He ties a tie around my neck and kisses and nibbles my nipples holding my cock feeling its increasing arousal. He kneels planting kisses on my engorged cock tying my balls under the cock and then around it base moving behind me turning the tie around my neck so it drapes down my back and pulling the tie on my cock and balls between my buttocks tying them together. Instructing me to get on all fours, he pulls the tie across my back giving me a wedgie and pulling my cock backward he uses it as a lead walking me like a dog into the bedroom. He disconnects the ties behind me and as I stand there he ,winds the rest of the one around my cock leaving the large open end to pull over the head of my manhood as he rubs it. I am then pushed upon my back on the bed feet parted and knees bent with each wrist tied to the corresponding ankle by a silk tie. After a pause my cock is again covered by the tie and I am surrounded by buzzing noises. Puzzled I soon realise everyone has been asked to bring their electric toothbrushes as I feel them everywhere. On the soles of my feet between my toes, on each of my nipples, though the tie on the head of my cock, under my balls and between my ass cheeks. The vibrations make me hornier than ever but they don't intend to satisfy yet so the toothbrushes are withdrawn. The tie is removed from my cock and then a wet hand rubs something onto my cock and balls and into my ass. Wondering what new I start to feel a strange sensation as the powerful warming but yet cooling effect of the mint and teatree original source shower gel begins taking over all my thoughts as the power of it grows taking over my balls. My sacs feel as though they burn with cold fire. I get turned over a pillow under my head ass in the air. A tongue sent shivers through me as it stoked my ass and then licked my perineum before lips sucked in my balls. I moaned and murmured as they took turns licking me. A finger now pressed on my asshole Easing itself into and working in and out before it is replaced by 2 fingers widening me and then 3. A silk tie soaked in hand soap is then eased in until half the tie is inside and the rest hanging down. A hand takes my cock closing around it Starting to edge me hands work me and then leave me as I get close each hand wears a different glove from surgical latex to kitchen rubber gloves, soft silk to exfoliating glove, woollen glove to boxing glove, suede to leather . Keeping me close to orgasm my cock throbbing as the tie is slowly pulled out and my wrists and ankles untied. It is time for party games an adult version mixing pass the parcel with pin the tail in the donkey. I start sitting on a lap easing my ass down on the cock working myself up and down on the cock and then passed to the next with the previous fucking my face until they come. Then again repeating the process and again sitting in the final cock it is larger than any of the others. A large cock for my mouth and a mouth on my cock. My blindfold is pulled off and I am surrounded and as I am fucked by two cocks of the black couple from earlier one coming in my mouth. My own will not be denied this time and Dan swallows my seed as I finally get relief and the cock spasms releasing in my ass. Held by the black man underneath so Dan can fuck my face as the cock shrinks in my ass. His partner immediately replaced Dan's mouth with his on my cock making me buck and squirm as my orgasmed cock is too sensitive for any more stimulation. Exhausted I just lay back on the bed and have to admit it will be hard for Dan to match this next year.

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