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Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima Prefecture was affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and was the site of the nuclear power plant disaster. After 7 years since the unprecedented complex disaster of March 2011, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude once again for all the compassionate assistance we have received from everyone in Japan and overseas. Fukushima Prefecture is gradually regaining its energy of old as traditional events and festivals are beginning to be revived in the affected areas, while young people and children are achieving remarkable results in the domains of sports and culture. The area where evacuation orders have been withdrawn has now expanded, with the total prefectural land area under evacuation orders having shrunk from an initial 12% to 2.7%. Plans for recovery bases are also underway even in areas where residents are still unable to return. The number of tourists from outside the prefecture has also been increasing, with the local products of Fukushima such as Japanese sake proving to be highly popular both in Japan and overseas. However, as nearly 50,000 people continue to live under evacuation today while confronting issues such as damage to their reputation and the erosion of memories, strong relief initiatives remain essential. Fukushima will stand up to the challenges it faces and share its achievements with everyone so that its reconstruction work will continue to resonate with as many people as possible.