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Aomori Prefecture

The Great East Japan Earthquake destroyed many long-standing towns and piers in Aomori Prefecture in an instant, robbed many residents of their livelihoods, and left 24,000 people stranded in evacuation shelters at its peak where they were forced to lead highly uncomfortable lives. In addition to the damage caused by the tsunami, entire areas within the prefecture suffered power outages immediately after the earthquake and a long period of time was required to fully restore power supply to residents. Transportation infrastructure and logistics networks were also disrupted across wide areas, which severely impaired the daily lives of residents and resulted in various industries incurring massive damages.

While Aomori Prefecture was one of the prefectures affected by the earthquake, there were areas in the prefecture that have not been directly damaged in the disaster, and the prefecture has been active in rendering support to other prefectures since the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. Inspired by the slogan of “The energy of the Tohoku region and all of Japan starts with Aomori,” we will continue to be involved in creative reconstruction efforts with the aim of contributing to the eventual restoration of the entire Tohoku region.

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