I don't know how to use tags.

  • What is a Tag?
    A tag is a keyword assigned to photos or videos that bears some connection to the contents. Tagging your artwork is a way to maintain and organize your photos and videos (as it is essentially a way of filing artwork by subject).

  • How to Add a Tag
    Go to the individual page of one of your images or videos and tag the picture with a related keyword by typing in the space on the right marked "Add" under Tags. Take a look at how it works!

  • What you can do with Tags
    Tag your personal photos and videos AND your friends photos and videos. When you click on a tag, you can see all photos and videos that have been tagged with the same keyword.

    You can also search for photos or videos by typing a keyword into "Everyone's Photos" or "Everyone's Videos" and browsing all of the results.